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Biochemistry IV - Biophysical Chemistry - Prof. Dr. Janosch Hennig

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The secrets of the central dogma of molecular biology and RNA-binding E3 ligases

The Chair of Biochemistry IV aims to unravel the hidden secrets behind the central dogma of molecular biology. While it is commonly known that there is much more beyond the DNA-to-RNA-to-protein rule, the manifold mechanisms behind the regulation of gene expression are far from understood. We have contributed and we will continue to contribute essential information on how general RNA-binding proteins and long non-coding RNAs regulate transcription and translation.

The Hennig group also conducts research in infection biology, focusing on the TRIM E3 ligase protein family, which is crucial in antiviral defence. A key objective of our research is to unravel the RNA-dependent mechanisms of TRIM25 in antiviral activities. Our approach skilfully combines the precision of structural biology and biophysics with the practical insights of cell biology and viral infection experiments. Our work is further enriched by robust multinational collaborations, notably with the MRC-Centre for Virus Research in Glasgow. Such partnerships provide Hennig's team with invaluable, direct insights into the intricate molecular interactions between host and pathogen.

We apply a variety of molecular biology, biochemical and biophysical tools and use the entire range of structural biology methods, including solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy, small-angle scattering and AI-based structure prediction tools. This enables integrative structure modelling of biomolecular complexes by combining this data with restraints from cross-linking mass spectrometry, smFRET and many more. The hypotheses, these structures generate are then validated functionally, often in cellulo.

New publication in eLife!
doi: 10.7554/elife.92746.3

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